Unify To Multiply

Welcome to Phase 2! This site will give you all the details & resources to maximize your first 30 days in the business!!

Let's take it up a notch. Everyone desires to be successful but few people are willing to put in the work. That's exactly what you're doing right now! 

 There are 5 easy steps to take in Phase 2! Start with step 1 and work your way down to Step 5 asap! Make sure to text your coach each time it prompts you to below each video, so that they know where you're at in the process.  Plus, it will hold you accountable to work thru this quickly! Lesss go!!

Step 1: Lets clarify your goals right now

In this video, Ashton will discuss how to definitively chart your course thru the goals and dreams that you have!

 as soon as you watch this, text your coach and let them know:
How much you want to make, by when, and why?

Step 2: How to Earn the Modere Experience

This video will walk you thru the 3 easy steps to earn a $400 prize your first 30 days and we call it the Modere experience!

 as soon as you watch this, text your coach and say:
"I'm going for the Modere Experience"

b. Print out your Modere Experience Tracker

Step 3: Master the ATM system

This video will show you how to use the Results room and your coach to super charge your business using the Add, Tag, Message system.  Master this and we can help you go REALLY fast!

 After watching this video on the ATM system text your coach and say: 
"I'll be ATM'ing you with people this week"

Step 4: Core Product Training w/ Liz Garvey

Take notes as Liz gets you trained up on the key selling points of our core products!  These 3 videos will pay you dividends so laser in and learn these products.


Get trained on the lean body system, trim, & biocell (14 min)


Get trained on our energy products (7 min)


Get trained on our gut health products (15 min)

 After watching these videos on the core products, text your coach and say: 
"I've been trained on the core products!"

Step 5: Create a household customer account

This video will show you a really strategic customer account to create called the household customer account.  This video is 🔥🔥🔥

 After watching this video text your coach and say: 
"Oh snap! I'm creating a household customer account!"

Now you can go to the Dynasty FB Group and post this ticket for another chance to win prizes at the guide entries post, under announcements

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